• Amateur Radio is the oldest radio service
  • Anyone can become an amateur radio operator
  • Hams contact other hams around the world
  • Hams exchange “postcards” with other hams whom they’ve contacted
  • Many different modes of communications are allowed (Morse , telephony, AM, FM, SSB, CW. Hams can even send TV pictures across the country or around the world ! All forms of digital communication are used as well, computers have become a communication tool used by many of the hams today.)
  • Hams can communicate through satellites
  • Hams also communicate with Astronauts aboard the International Space Station
  • Many operators use low power (QRP) to communicate.
  • Many hams provide emergency communications when needed.
  • Certificates can be earned for various operating events (in contests)


DX is an early telephone term for distant exchange.  “This is correct. In the 1960s I worked in many telephone exchanges around the United Kingdom. On the old-fashioned switchboards with plugs and cords, circuits coming in from distant exchanges had a label marked “DX” above the jack socket. The operator would plug into the circuit and announce the name of her exchange, as confirmation to the distant operator that she was through to the correct destination

ORIGIN of 73

In 1859, Western Union standardized on the “92 code” in which the numbers from 1 to 92 were assigned meanings. It was in this list that 73 got its present meaning. Later more numbers were added. Here’s a partial list:

1  Wait a moment                                                                  

2  Important Business  

3  What time is it?  

4  Where shall I go ahead?  

5  Have you business for me?  

6  I am ready  

7  Are you ready?  

8  Close your key; circuit is busy  

9  Close your key for priority business (Wire chief, dispatcher, etc)

10  Keep this circuit closed  

12  Do you understand?  

13  I understand  

14  What is the weather?  

15  For you and other to copy  

17  Lightning here  

18  What is the trouble?  

19  Form 19 train order  

21  Stop for a meal  

22  Wire test  

23  All copy  

24  Repeat this back  

25  Busy on another wire  

26  Put on ground wire  

27  Priority, very important  

28  Do you get my writing?  

29  Private, deliver in sealed envelope  

30  No more (end)  

31  Form 31 train order  

32  I understand that I am to …  

33  Car report (Also, answer is paid for)  

34  Message for all officers  

35  You may use my signal to answer this  

37  Diversion (Also, inform all interested)  

39  Important, with priority on thru wire (Also, sleep-car report)  

44  Answer promptly by wire  

73  Best regards  

88  Love and kisses  

91  Superintendent’s signal  

92  Deliver promptly  

93  Vice President and General Manager’s signals  

95  President’s signal  

134  Who is at the key?