What is Amateur Radio?

Amateur Radio in Durban is represented by the Durban Amateur Radio Club and the aim of the Club is to further the craft of Amateur Radio among its members and other interested persons.  Amateur Radio is a service of self tuition, communication and technical investigation.  Radio is constantly progressing and Amateurs keep abreast of the times and strive to progress with the technical advancements.

Who are Radio Amateurs? Well they are people from all walks of life. There are Doctors, Bricklayers, Lawyers, Mechanics, Dentists and Plumbers, wood craftsmen, Technicians, Chemists, and many other types.  We are all burning with the same ambition – to develop our skills in the field of radio.

What are the various fields that support radio in today’s world?   Different amateurs have different interests and some simply like to converse with peoples in other countries of the world learning about one another and generally making friends for themselves and their country.  Some are content to do things technical. Others like to dabble in Amateur TV.

Moon Bounce where signals are transmitted to the Moon and the radio waves are reflected back to earth.  Morse Code, the original language of all Amateurs is still practiced by many. Some Hams as we most often call ourselves never use the Code and are now entering the digital communication world.  Experimentation with antennas is the sole interest of many and yet another group constructs amateur radio equipment to a high standard or just a simple standard that works and creates great personal satisfaction.  There is an interest for everyone in Amateur Radio.

How do the members of this Club feature in the world of amateur radio?  We have our own Clubhouse where we meet on a monthly basis, where we conduct classes for those wishing to write the Amateur Radio Licence exams, we have a Ham Flea Market every month where gather to sell trade or barter or simply acquire radio equipment and components or just to have a chat amongst fellow Hams.  We are a sociable Club and welcome all to visit and partake in amateur radio.

We provide various services to our members such as News bulletins, Amateur Radio magazine programs, a monthly Newsletter, radio / electronic Kits for self construction, a library, group contest teams, and much more.