Address: Durban Wanderers Club
42 Benson Rd, Montclair, Durban

Club Meetings: 1st Saturday of the Month, 10h00 to 13h00

Membership fees:
Under 65 years old: R 75.00 per year
Pensioners/senior over 65 years: R 65.00 per year
Family (e.g.. YM, YL or Junior) : R 50.00 per year

Repeater:   FM | Rx:145.650,  Tx:145.050 
Until the repeater is replaced Sunday Bulletin will be on Simplex 145.500Mhz


Chairman & Treasurer :  Louis de Bruin ZS5LP
Vice-Chairman:  Sean Beukes ZS5TI
Secretary: Martin Botha  ZS5ADL

Graham Walker  ZS5GW
Aubrey WorthingtonZS5ACW
Denham Eva  ZS5DE